9 Dangerous Signs Of Not Drinking Enough Water

Water contributes to normal bowel function, optimal muscular performance, and the maintenance of clear and youthful skin. Not drinking enough water can lead to dehydration and other negative signs. The lack of water in the body is one of the health problems that over time may cause serious diseases for the body, and the lack of drinking water is one of the wrong habits that must be eliminated because it causes symptoms on the body. Water is one of the basics of survival, because every cell in the body needs it to function properly, and because it is important to get rid of the toxins we breathe and eat every day. In general, it is recommended to drink 8 to 9 glasses of water per day, and this water can be in water-rich drinks and foods that contain water. one of the dangerous signs Of not Drinking enough water is the following

1.Muscle cramps and joint pain

Water plays a key role in strengthening muscles and joints, and with less water in the body, it affects muscle mass and causes inflammation or pain. Like the muscles of the body, the joints also require you to drink enough water daily, to have the flexibility to absorb the shock of sudden movements.


Weight gain may be a sign of the need to drink water, as if a person does not drink enough water, it may be easy to gain weight because when there is a shortage of water, the metabolism helps to slow down and prevent the body from burning fat.

3.Heat cramps

Heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and stroke often occur along with dehydration, the body’s cooling response to high temperatures perspiring because sweat evaporates on your skin and takes heat out of the body. If not enough water is obtained to replenish the fluids leaving the body, it begins to have trouble regulating temperature. Some of the symptoms of hyperthermia are headache, dizziness, confusion or agitation, tiredness, hot and dry skin, rapid pulse, hallucinations, seizures. loss of consciousness.

4.Bad smell in the mouth

Bad breath is another sign of a lack of water in the body, as due to not drinking enough water, the body produces a small percentage of saliva that contains antibacterial properties, which leads to the growth of bacteria in the mouth, and thus causes bad breath.

5.Feeling tired

Constant feeling of tiredness, not drinking enough water may be one of the reasons, it means that the body is not getting the right amount of fluid that helps it perform its functions, so you should drink water regularly throughout the day to avoid that feeling.

6.Cholesterol problems

Dehydration may cause the body to produce more cholesterol in an attempt to maintain internal moisture and protect cell walls, which may raise the level of cholesterol in the blood.

7.Dry mouth

A feeling of constant dryness in the mouth and the appearance of a bad breath may be one of the clear symptoms of dehydration, or not getting enough water, and the body needs water to produce the salivary secretions necessary to keep the throat and mouth moist and protect saliva from drying out quickly. Chronic dehydration may cause In depriving the brain of its need of oxygen and nutrients due to the lack of blood that reaches it, which leads to problems and difficulties with memory and concentration, and the lack of blood reaching the brain also leads to attacks of severe headaches, and a frequent feeling of dizziness, dizziness, and even nausea.

8.Being sick for longer periods

Drinking water helps the body to maintain the pace of regular detoxification processes, as every part of the body works to get rid of toxins and needs water specifically to carry out this type of important vital process efficiently. The water you need from other places, such as the blood, which can lead to many serious health problems

9.Digestive disorders

Water enters the formation of the various mucous tissues lining the inner walls of the digestive system, and when the body does not get enough water, the mucous layer lining the stomach becomes less thick, which may cause stomach acids to come into contact with the walls of the stomach, and what happens here may cause many severe health problems, such as Heartburn, stomach acidity, indigestion, and constipation

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